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Customs Brokerage


Expertly manage intricate paperwork for seamless logistics and compliance.

Customs Clearance

Streamline customs procedures for efficient import and export operations.

Quoting Duty, Taxes, Excises

Provide upfront cost estimates to minimize financial surprises.

EDI Entries

Swift electronic data interchange for efficient information exchange and logistics.

Classification and Ruling Advice

Expert guidance on cargo classification and customs regulations.

Compliance Management

Ensure adherence to international trade and customs compliance standards.


Comprehensive coverage to safeguard against unforeseen logistical and cargo risks.

Bonded Facilities in Key Ports

 Secure, bonded storage facilities strategically located for efficient cargo handling.

Seamless Customs Brokerage Services for Effortless International Trade

Customs brokerage is a vital facet of international shipping, ensuring the smooth flow of goods across borders. At Novalink Logistics, we excel in simplifying these complex procedures for our clients, offering comprehensive customs services that encompass every aspect of the process.

Our commitment to streamlining your customs experience begins with meticulous documentation. We handle complete and accurate paperwork, facilitating customs clearance with precision. Utilizing cutting-edge Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) entries, we expedite the exchange of information, reducing delays and enhancing efficiency.

One of our unique advantages is our ability to quote duties, taxes, and excises in advance. This proactive approach minimizes unexpected financial burdens, allowing you to budget effectively and ensuring a seamless customs process.

We’re not just about documentation; we employ duty minimization strategies that optimize your cost-efficiency while maintaining compliance with all relevant regulations. We navigate the complexities of customs with finesse, ensuring your cargo sails smoothly through customs checkpoints.

Furthermore, our extensive global presence sets us apart. Novalink Logistics maintains customs offices in all major ports in China and collaborates with affiliated and partner offices in over 20 countries worldwide. This expansive network grants us the ability to provide comprehensive coverage at every significant point of entry globally.

When you choose Novalink Logistics for your customs brokerage needs, you’re selecting a partner dedicated to simplifying international trade, reducing costs, and ensuring the timely and efficient movement of your goods across borders.


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