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Container Movement

Efficient handling and transport of cargo containers for streamlined logistics solutions.

LCL Delivery

Consolidated cargo shipments for cost-effective and efficient less-than-container load delivery.


Reliable transportation solutions for extended distances, ensuring cargo arrives on time.

Cross-Border Import/Export

Seamless international logistics for smooth cross-border import and export operations.

Intermodal Transport

Integrated transportation modes for efficient and flexible cargo delivery solutions.

Heavy Equipment and Oversize

Specialized handling and transport services for large, heavy, and oversized cargo.

Flat Deck

Versatile flatbed trucking services for secure and efficient cargo transportation.

Special Equipment

Tailored logistics solutions using specialized equipment to meet unique cargo needs.

Novalink Logistics prides itself on its exceptional trucking service, boasting a remarkable 99% on-time delivery record. Our extensive service capabilities ensure that we can expertly manage shipments of all sizes and weights, around the clock.

With a rich history built on years of experience, we have cultivated strategic partnerships with industry leaders. This collaborative approach enables us to offer our clients the finest service at highly competitive rates.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to consistently refine and optimize our advanced business operations, strengthening our competitive edge. We are dedicated to passing on all the resulting benefits to our valued clients, ensuring their satisfaction and success in every logistics endeavour.