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Freight Forwarding


Novalink Logistics excels in orchestrating shipments, be it import or export, CY/CY, or door-to-door. As a distinguished NVOCC, we offer unparalleled flexibility in sailing schedules, competitive pricing, and a commitment to exceptional service with precision handling. Collaborating closely with our clients, we meticulously chart the most cost-effective transit routes.

Our corporate headquarters is strategically positioned in Vancouver, Canada, a pivotal hub in North America’s bustling port network. Complementing this, we have strategically established affiliated branch offices in key locations such as Los Angeles, USA, as well as Ningbo, Xiamen, and Shanghai in China. This extensive global footprint extends to offices in all significant ports in China and major international ports worldwide. Our dedicated teams at these offices are equipped with profound local knowledge, ensuring seamless adherence to regional procedures and regulations, thereby guaranteeing the smooth transportation of shipments to their final destinations.

Full Container Loads (FCL)

We are proficient in handling various container types, including 20′ ST, 40′ ST, 40′ HQ, Reefer, and Open Top.

Less Than Container Loads (LCL)

Our pricing is tailored precisely to shipment dimensions and weight, ensuring the most favorable rates.

Break Bulk

Novalink Logistics is well-versed in managing loose goods, heavy equipment, oversized cargo, and special shipments.

Multimodal Transportation

Seamlessly integrating ocean, rail, and trucking, we provide comprehensive transport solutions.

Project Management

Our expertise extends to supply chain logistics for large-scale project shipments, ensuring meticulous planning and execution.


At Novalink, we recognize the critical time sensitivity of your shipments. We exclusively partner with dependable airlines to ensure punctual deliveries, uphold cargo security and integrity, offer competitive pricing, and deliver unmatched customer service. Whether a small express package or a large-scale project, Novalink possesses the proficiency and experience to handle your shipments with the utmost care.

Our global network of air freight specialists extends beyond our North American offices, covering all major ports in China and key international ports worldwide. Our strategic collaboration with Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Company positions Novalink to fulfill any air service requirement our clients may have. Trust us for your air cargo needs.


Swift air cargo transport between major airports, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of goods.


Seamless end-to-end logistics simplifying your shipping process, from pick-up to final delivery.


Expertly managing intricate paperwork, ensuring compliance and streamlined shipping processes.

Project Cargo Management

Specialized handling for large-scale shipments, ensuring precise coordination and efficient logistics.

Timely Customs Clearance

Efficient customs processing, reducing delays and ensuring timely cargo delivery.


Grouping shipments for cost-effective and efficient transport, optimizing logistics for multiple goods.

Optimum Transit Times

Strategic planning for efficient delivery schedules, minimizing delays and optimizing shipping efficiency.


Efficiency is the cornerstone of our rail services, ensuring that cargo reaches its destination cost-effectively and timely. With a track record of reliability, we consistently deliver on time and provide secure handling for your shipments.

Our rail services offer versatility, accommodating various cargo types, sizes, and distances. Whether you require short-haul or long-distance transportation, we have you covered.

Our extensive global rail network seamlessly connects key destinations worldwide, making international freight transport efficient and hassle-free. We prioritize eco-conscious practices, reducing the environmental impact of transportation while ensuring your cargo arrives safely and on time.

Novalink Logistics is your trusted partner for efficient, reliable, and sustainable rail services tailored to your specific shipping needs.


Streamlined rail solutions for cost-effective and timely cargo transport.


 Proven track record of punctual deliveries and secure cargo handling.

Global Reach

Extensive rail network connecting key destinations for international shipments.


Environmentally responsible rail transport, reducing the carbon footprint.

Customized Solutions

Tailored rail logistics to meet diverse shipping requirements.